Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Problem of Mapping

Well, after hanging out for a chunk of time today in the Beginner Zone at Cloud Party, I can say one thing: there seem to be a LOT of cannon-happy people out there :-)

Today, I spent some more time looking around at various builds, and I came to the following conclusion: Cloud Party needs to get its act together when it comes to providing mapping for its cloud islands.  For example, I took a photo of a build and then realized that I had forgotten the name of the island I was on (hey, the names are all so similar, it happens).  I actually had to teleport to another island, then turn around and identify the island I had just come from by its jet trail, and click on the island to remember its name.  Please, could we have some way of identifying which island we are on by name as well as by number?

Related to this is another, looming problem: as the number of islands grows, it's becoming harder for people to find the one they are looking for.  This may not have been a problem at first, but my back-of-the-envelope calculations give me an estimated sixty island neighbourhoods out there.  What is desperately needed is some sort of directory, something like the following:

Coordinates given will place you at the front entrance of the central building

Blue Vista:,59,-32.4,-3.1_2055
Breezy Path:,58.9,-32.4,-3.1_2085
Breezy Trails:,58.5,-32.4,3.1_2053
Bubbling Pines:,59,-32.4,3.1_2114
Clear Lake:,58.9,-32.4,3.1_2047
Gentle Court:,58.6,-32.4,3.1_2045
Gentle River:,58.8,-32.4,3_2046
Gentle Willows:,58.7,-32.4,3_2084
Green Cove:,58.4,-32.4,3.1_2079
Placid Beach:,58.7,-32.4,3.1_2071
Pure Oaks:,59.2,-32.4,3.1_2052
Quiet Elms:,58.6,-32.4,-3.1_2115
Silent Plains:,58.8,-32.4,3_2049
Silent Shores:,58.7,-32.4,-3.1_2050
Spiffy Pasture:,58.7,-32.4,3_2113
Spiffy Valley:,58.7,-32.4,3_2080
Sunset Redwoods:,59,-32.4,3.1_2081
Wild Oaks:,58.7,-32.4,-3.1_2031

What do people think?  Is this feasible?  Could such a directory be automated?

P.S.  Also, a couple of days ago I came across a case where two islands share the same name; there are (or were) two islands named Lovely Orchards.  Oops!

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