Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cloud Party Bloggers

I'm proud to say that Cloud Party Bugle was the very first blog to cover the new virtual world (starting way back in June 2012), but as times goes on, more and more people are blogging about Cloud Party, and it's great to see.  Here are some other blogs for you to visit:

Aeon Chic is a one-woman tornado of activity, busily creating all sorts of wonderful things for Cloud Party: hair, clothing, poses, furniture, etc.  Her blog is at http://chicatcloudparty.blogspot.ca

Ciaran Laval is another blogger who blogs about Cloud Party; to see his CP posts, use this link:

And another blog, this one by person or persons unknown, is Cloud Party Mania: http://virtualworldmania.blogspot.ca/

If you know about another Cloud Party blog which is kept (reasonably) up-to-date, please drop a comment and let me know about it.  Thanks!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Neighbourhood of Note: Rustica

The talented Maxwell Graf has been busy creating breathtakingly realistic constructions on his island, Rustica. They look like something out of a fairy tale!  Here are a few shots of his island, that I took while visiting with Max:

Also of note is the amazing pirate ship in the waters nearby:

Location: https://www.cloudparty.com/loc/2200/-24.1,74.8,37.6,0.2

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Melo Store

Another new store in Cloud Party (they are popping up like mushrooms!), the Melo Store sells clocks, bonsai, cut flowers, beer kegs, pianos, and a huge yacht, all at bargain prices (e.g. the yacht is only 8 CC).

Location: https://www.cloudparty.com/loc/8912249739/-4.0,21.9,0.5,-0.1

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dance the Night Away

At Mochi's new club, The Shadow (with Mochi as DJ)...

(this fourth picture was taken by Fritz)

Location: https://www.cloudparty.com/loc/6254200331/9.8,-21.5,12.8,-1.7

Two New Stores: A City and Chez Chic

Today I dropped in to visit two new in-world stores in Cloud Party.  The first is an animations store called A City:

This will certainly be a place to go for furniture creators!  It`s great to see more selections in sits and poses.
Location: https://www.cloudparty.com/loc/9489893757/-8.9,-31.2,8.0,-0.4

The second store I visited is called Chez Chic.  Owner Aeon Chic has turned her hand to men`s and women`s hair and clothing, in a dark, moody store environment:

Here`s a look from the store.  The first outfit to be sold is a uniform-type pantsuit with accesory belt, and it costs 70 CC.  The first hair is a short style called Marcy, which I am wearing in black.  It comes in six different colours for 40 CC each, or a fat pack for 100 CC.  (Sneakers are standard from the Outfit tab, and are free.)

Total cost of this outfit is 110 CC, or US$5.50.
Location: https://www.cloudparty.com/loc/7673907048/-1.6,-36.1,31.6,0.5