Saturday, June 30, 2012

Private Islands Now Available

There are two levels of islands, Private and Deluxe. Deluxe is five times the size of Private, about the size of four Second Life sims put together, and will support 1,200 mesh objects (e.g. my whole house is one mesh object), up to 100 dynamic objects, and 1,000,000 triangles. Private islands are $14.95 a month, and Deluxe islands are $99.95 a month.

Currency is called Cloud Coins (CCs) and buying them via credit card was fast and easy. You can buy them "in-game" like SL offers. No separate webpage system like what Blue Mars had. 

Note: One key difference between Second Life and Cloud Party is the height restriction.  Cloud Party sets a build height restriction of 500 metres. Not sure why this is necessary since islands are not stacked one atop another.

More details are in the Islands FAQ at

Here's my private island, called Library Island:

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