Friday, March 29, 2013

Neighbourhood of Note: Subterrainia

Formerly known as Misfit Toy Island, Phate Shepherd has done a marvelous renovation of his island into a calm and beautiful garden:


Block Building Contest

Sam Thompson, CEO of Cloud Party, has announced a block building contest, the prize is 1,000 CC and the details are here:

Hurry up and enter!  The deadline is April 4th, 2013.

Easter Egg Hunt

There's an Easter Egg Hunt in Cloud Party.  Details are here in this blogpost:

There's ten eggs to find overall; I've found eight so far (don't forget to look up into the trees!).

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ctrl-Mouse Scroll to Adjust Your User Interface Size!

I figured out this neat trick quite by accident, but it's great! If you press the Ctrl button and scroll with the mouse wheel, you can control the size of the chat box and other elements of your user interface! You can keep it at 100% or make it bigger to see the chat box, the cell phone, and the building tools better.   

Here's the UI (user interface) with the setting at 150%:

And here it is at 75%:

Very cool and very useful!

Dancing on the Roof

Mochi, Fritz and I are dancing on Mochi's roof in Eden Field:

Meanwhile, Conor is building his house according to plans:

Never a dull moment here!

Neighbourhoods of Note: Eden Field

Eden Field is one of the new building-block neighbourhoods, and people have certainly been busy putting up houses:


From left to right are the homes of Bruce Rogers, Fia Wycliffe (log cabin with stone chimney), and Mochi's home with the lovely fountain and the cherry blossom trees.

Bruce's home has a friendly greeting on the side:

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Outfit Outlay: Smart Yellow & Black

Here's the outfit, piece by piece:

HAT: A Ladies Hat (completely tintable), only 25CC from M&M Creations.
JACKET: Black Lily Blouse, only 15CC from Tocy (worn as an accessory, not as a top).
SKIRT: My own modification of a skirt design originally by Subongo.
STOCKINGS: 'Fishnet' stockings only 20CC by M&M Creations.
SHOES: Tintable flats which are part of the standard wardrobe.

TOTAL OUTFIT OUTLAY: 60CC (equals US$3.00).

Big Changes at Cloud Party!

First, they set up a blog:

And they set up a whole new way of building with blocks, which doesn't require you to learn Maya or Max in order to create mesh!  I love it!  Here's a pink crab someone made:

It's at Public Island, so hurry and come see it before it goes poof!,15.0,0.0,2.9

More details later as I learn my way around the new building-blocks tool.  In the meantime, everybody gets a NEW bare plot of land on which to build.  Here's my lot, with a house I bought for 2 CC at A. Moore Designs, and some trees which I bought as part of a set of trees, logs, etc. for only 10CC from Satguru!  Not a bad setup for only 12 CC ( equals sixty cents U.S. ), eh?

Location:  Silent Grove,,-20.3,0.0,3.0

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Landscapes Unlimited

A new store?  Certainly looks that way.  Click on Navigate and search for "landscapes" to find Landscapes Unlimited, by Sominel Edelman:

All his landscapes are for sale in the Marketplace, ranging in price from 999CC to 1399CC.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Robert head

Here's a pic of Mochi wearing the Robert head (hair and cigarette are not included).  Only 19CC from Hendrik in the marketplace!

Attack of the 404 Boxes

They went and changed sounds so that had to be less than 30 seconds, and suddenly, there are 404 boxes everywhere!

Hopefully they can come to some sort of agreement that doesn't break everything already made :-)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Giant Gold Buddha

Located at Windy Range island,,-18.1,-32.5,0.1

My New Head

It's made by Hendrik Schroeder and only 19CC!  What a steal for a realistic-looking female head!  Look for the Suzan Head in the Marketplace.  There's also a male head called the Robert Head, also for 19CC.

Satguru's Log House

This is Satguru's log house, on the Breezy Trails neighbourhood island, lots to see here.
Location is,12.7,-34.1,1.8

The Thinker

Location: Amaretto Sunset by Mochi  (,18.0,-45.7,-1.0 )