Thursday, January 10, 2013

Joining the Virtual Worlds

On Friday the 11th of January 2013 we are going to connect two virtual worlds: Second Life and Cloud Party

With a video stream from Cloud Party to Second life and music streams in both worlds.  The dance party starts at 21.00 Central European Time (12PM Cloud Party/Second  Life Time)  and follow the links below

If you want to join in at Cloud Party go to,-4.5,0.9,1.9

If you want to join in at Second Life go to

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Outfit Outlay: Red for Spring

Spring may feel a long way away, but here's an outfit that would take you through a fresh Spring or Summer day.  Even better, the dress and the shoes are both colour-changeable, so you can recolour them as you like!

HAIR: one of the styles in a five-hairstyle pack by Lilli Thompson, called Female Hair Pack 01 -- FREE
EARRINGS: Silver Tri Hoop earrings by B. Rene Gade -- 12CC
DRESS: EP Pleated Sundress by Estelle Parnall -- her first dress on the marketplace! -- 30CC
SHOES:  Two Colour Heels by Subongo -- FREE


Oh, and also, I am extending the freebie sale of all Vanity Fair clothing for another week, until midnight Saturday January 12th.  Shop your hearts out girls!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Cloud Party Community Events and Meetings Calendar

JoJa Dhara has announced a new website for Cloud Party community events and meetings.  You might want to bookmark this site:

(note that all times are given in Central European Time, nine hours ahead of Second Life Time/Pacific Time)

New Customizer Tutorials

We now have further information plus tutorial examples of how the Customizer option works.  (For example, the Customizer allows you to change the colours on a costume.)  Here is the info; the new tutorials are linked at the bottom.  They are a bit over my head at the moment, but I'm sure they will help several of you more experienced clothing makers!

We Set a Record!

Twenty-five people at one time at one place: Thoys' Club, for the Friday dance!  Here are some shots (first one is by Thijs, the rest are by Ryan):

Watch the Party at Thoy's Club Live

Live video stream from the party at Thoy's Club, going on right now and running all day/evening!

Watch live streaming video from thoys at

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Party at Thoy's Club, January 4th at 12 noon Pacific time/7 pm Central Europe time

Let's meet up at Thoy's Club tomorrow at 7 p.m. Central European Time (12 noon Pacific time)!

Here's your taxi:,-6.6,0.9,1.7

New Tutorial: Using the Camera

Pixellada has created another tutorial for us; this one is about Cloud Party's built-in camera and how to use it:

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Tutorial: Adjusting Graphics Settings.

Pixellada has released the first of she promises will be daily video tutorials, this one is on how to use the Graphics under Settings to control how Cloud Party looks on your computer: