Friday, June 29, 2012

One Week!

Wow, It's hard to believe it's only been one week since I started exploring Cloud Party; it feels like longer. I've been spending a good chunk of that time trying to learn how to use the Maya software to create clothing for male and female avatars in Cloud Party and I have finally succeeded!

Maybe at some point in the future I may even become a fashion designer :-) and actually sell my creations but for now it's just a very fun hobby, and the compliments I get from the other avatars are worth it.

The picture is me wearing a shirt I created using Autodesk's Maya software, based on the basic male avatar skin. It took about two hours from start to finish.  Thanks to Lilli Thompson for her video tutorials and her helpfulness in answering my many questions; I simply could not have done this without her.  My first attempt at a dress turned out looking like a pterodactyl until she told me to switch from Y-axis up to Z-axis up before I exported the mesh and then everything was fixed.... whew!

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