Saturday, June 23, 2012

Neighbourhoods of Note: Breezy Path

In my travels across the cloudspace I came across some interesting builds in the Breezy Path neighbourhood.  First is an old newspaper vending machine in front of Jeff Lee's home.  It even gives a message when you click on it (remember to click on all photos to see them full-sized on your screen):

(The newspaper headline says DEWEY BEATS TRUMAN. I wanted to get a closer picture but I was stymied by the lack of camera controls.  Please, PLEASE, PLEASE put a click-to-change-focus feature like Second Life's into Cloud Party!)

To the side of Jeff's house he has some interesting meshes rezzed:

I'd love to know what the blue machinery does....
Link to location:,53.5,-34.1,0.4_2085

Also in the Breezy Point neighbourhood is this home renovation project by Rick Stevens:

The vortex "prim" in the building palette is sure getting a workout all across the grid!

Oops! Forgot to post a link to this location so you can find it!  Here it is:,123.6,-33.9,-0_2085

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