Monday, June 25, 2012

Fashion Update and Neighbourhood of Note: Sunrise Heights

Sitting over my Monday morning coffee, perched on the chair on top of the pinnacle at the Beginner Zone in Cloud Party, watching all the bustling activity below.  I spent a good chunk of yesterday wandering around the grid, and I have more interesting things to show you.

But first, some fashion :-) Lilli Thompson has created another example of avatar couture with this Chinese-inspired gown, complete with a golden bow at the back.  I think we have a new fashion designer on our hands!  Her work is making leaps and bounds.  I hope she opens a store once the Marketplace launches.

OK now on to the cloud island subdivisions. By far the biggest home makeover I have seen is that of Theo Peters in Sunrise Heights.  You may remember him from the picture I posted here, well he's been busy since then.  Here's what his abode looks like now:

There's only one problem: there are no doors in this beautiful structure!  Theo must teleport in and out of the house ;-) Here's the URL if you want to visit Theo's home yourself:,120.4,-33.9,-0_2067

And finally, someone has been turning the central park area of Sunrise Heights into jungle-land:

I'll post some more later today.  There is building activity all over the Cloud Party grid, and I have more things to tell you about and to show you.  See you later!

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