Friday, June 22, 2012

Home Decor and Fashion Design

Well, today has been a day of exploration in Cloud Party. 

By the way, about the name "Cloud Party".  There must be an unwritten law somewhere that states that all virtual worlds must have unfortunate names.  Second Life, Twinity, There (ever try to search Google for "There"?)... and now (*sigh*) Cloud Party.  Picture a user going, cap in hand, to ask the Big Bosses for money to set up a virtual island for some educational or corporate purpose.  People with purse-strings are not going to be looking kindly at spending money on something called "Cloud Party".  I'm sorry, but the name does not conjure up reassurance in my mind.  It's not too late, change it please!  Even better, have a contest, with the grand prize free rent or some such thing.

OK, now where was I?  Oh yes, exploring.  I have lots of pictures to show you today.  First thing I wandered around the various subdivisions, finding art installations I liked.  Here's one:

This is by Theo Peters, whom you can see standing on top of the green-draped head.  I *love* this; I hope to see many more people decorate their homes in style!  Here's a couple who wanted to put their names right on the property:

This afternoon I swore I would sit down and figure out how to upload .dae files to Cloud Party so I couled rez a few mesh items of my own!  I confess I have as yet no CGI skills in Blender or Maya to create items, but I did pick up a few freebie .dae files from Turbosquid and their associated textures.  I'm proud to announce that my very first mesh upload, EVER, was this old army boot.  I'm so proud!

After a while I had what could be politely termed an "art installation", after playing around with a few uploaded meshes and tweaking the textures on some of the in-house mesh items:

(Oh, what the hell, it's a mess.  I'm just gonna call it art until they ask me to clear it away... you can see it at Placid Beach if you're interested.)

Things have been going like gangbusters in the area of avatar fashion design.  Here are pictures of new mesh clothing people have already created.  This jacket and mask are by Jesse Thompson (yes, the jacket still needs a little tweaking near the bottom hem, but still, this is impressive work.)

And Lilli Thompson was wearing a few different looks, wearing a rainbow-pattern shirt, pleated skirt, and boots yesterday evening, and a newly-designed dress today.  She has promised to post a video to YouTube outlining the steps she took in Maya to create these outfits.  Thank you Lilli!

Anyways, look for me in-world, and don't be afraid to say hello.  I'll be hanging out at the Beginner's Zone chatting with all the people who drop by :-)


  1. Here's the tutorial for creating dresses. Enjoy!

  2. I've also been posting fashion photos on the Flickr Cloud Party group.

    Check out these two:


  3. hehe i see my house and theres no couple there..just me and my "nickname"
    i shoulda made that kirby so much nicer befor i threw it on the lawn..XD

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