Thursday, July 12, 2012

Twenty Items to Look Forward To

For my 51st post to this blog, I wanted to share a list of twenty things to look forward to on Cloud Party:

  1. The release of the redesigned male avatar skeleton and shape;
  2. The release of the redesigned female avatar skeleton and shape;
  3. The ability to give items from one avatar to another (I think we should mark that day with an annual celebration of giving items for free to each other in Cloud Party, much like Christmas);
  4. The launch of the marketplace, along with the --
  5. Launch of the materials permissions system (copy, modify, transfer, etc.);
  6. First men's clothing for sale;
  7. First women's clothing for sale;
  8. First outrageous avatar for sale;
  9. First outrageous hat for sale; 
  10. First vehicles for sale (car, plane, boat, whatever);
  11. First island shapes for sale;
  12. First trees and bushes for sale;
  13. First homes for sale;
  14. First furniture for sale;
  15. First dance animations for sale;
  16. First chair with a built-in sitting animation for sale;
  17. First coffee cup with a drinking animation for sale;
  18. Creation of the first alien (non-human skeleton) and --
  19. Its associated animations;
  20. And the first stores in Cloud Party!

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