Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dance With Me

The amazing Fritz Meier has done another of his animated skeletal ballet dancers, this time two paired up in a small display at the Beginner Zone (Location:,66.4,-0.2,0.3_2000 ).  He also did the upside-down man with the animated pattern in the background.

I have got to find a video capture program that I can use within Cloud Party.  Still pictures alone just cannot give a feeling of how perfect this little art installation is.

UPDATE: Fritz tells me he has also put a bigger, neon copy of his skeleton ballerina on display at the cloud island called Virtual Holland (Location: ). It will be there long after the ones at the Beginner Zone have been automatically cleared away.  Here is a picture of it (It is a bit hard to see against the night sky, best to visit it in person):

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