Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Scale Yourself!

One of the many console commands you can type at the chat window prompt is a very cool command called scaleMe.  This is quite unlike anything you can get in Second Life.  It allows you to rescale the size of your avatar from very small (fairy size) to very large (giant sized).  Everything is kept to scale, even your clothing, as you resize. The syntax is:

/scaleMe number, where number can range from 0.5 to 1.5; the bigger the number, the bigger you are

/scaleMe 1 returns you to your regular size.  I'm tall in real life, so I have an avatar that is taller than normal, so I usually set myself up as /scaleMe 1.1 as I run around the grid:

(that's me on the right, scaled at 1.1)

Here are some pictures of the various sizes and how they compare to each other:

(Frtiz is 1.0, the woman between us is 0.5, and I am 1.5)

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