Saturday, July 14, 2012

Neighbourhood of Note: Meiló

Meiló is the name of the cloud island owned by Sameiro Sousa, and there are three portals into this wonderfully topsy-turvy world.  First is the garden on the upper level, where Sousa has installed some beautiful and airy artworks:

Nearby are some supersize chairs surrounded by overgrown foliage, gaily painted with flowers:

The home portal takes you to an upside-down house on the bottom of the island, stuffed with fabulous art!

And finally, the Underworld portal takes you a colourless vantage point to see the whole of the underside of the cloud island, completely with ghostly trees and faces:

An amazing work of art, the whole island is bounding in creativity.  Well worth a visit!
Location (Garden):,-14.3,0.2,-0.9_2166

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