Saturday, July 7, 2012

Latest News from Sam

Still here.  Have been spending some time working on my Maya skills and some time chatting with other Cloud Party residents at the Beginner Zone, where most of the action is.  Some news from this evening's conversation with Sam Thompson, regarding future developments in Cloud Party:

- They are probably going to switch all the skin's black underwear to nude, "doll style".
Once they get the marketplace up they're going to release the basic body parts as a package.
- They are planning to add sliders for adjusting the skeleton scales; the sliders just adjust the skeleton, which both the body and clothes are skinned to, so clothes will still fit.
-  They're still trying to figure out the best solution for implementing high heels.
-  They already have a new male body that they're pretty close to pushing live. It's mostly minor adjustments, but designers may have to reskin shirts that are tight-fitting. (We were forewarned about this eventuality.)
- Yes, there will be a new female body but they can't say yet how much change they're looking at. "Mostly in the face I think".

Thanks Sam!

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