Friday, December 28, 2012

Rant, Continued: More Griefing at Starting Island.

This morning I arrive and conversation is all about what a certain avatar has left behind on the Public Area 1 of the Starting Island, resulting in a "Too many spawned entities in area" error message:

This is the same person who was raining these same objects down on newbie avatars in the Welcome Centre, which I referred to in an earlier blogpost about this matter.

It's time that a combination of technical rules and social rules be enforced to stop, or at least curtail, these sorts of things from happening in the future.  Perhaps we need to shorten the 5 hour auto-return of created objects.  Perhaps we need to impose some sort of ban system based on internal usrerid or IP address.  Perhaps we need to give moderators special powers to combat this spam.  All I know is, we need to have some serious discussion about what to do.  If we having this problem with only a dozen or so avatars on Starting Island at a time, what is going to happen when there are 50?

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