Monday, December 24, 2012

Free Women's Clothing from Subongo

Subongo has very kindly decided to offer his older women's designs for free via the Marketplace.  This is a collection of 3 dresses, 12 tops, 1 pair of pants, 4 skirts, and 1 pair of high-heeled shoes (note that the high-heeled shoes tend to sink into the floor a little).

To get this colourful set of women's clothing for free, go into the Marketplace and do a search for "Subongo 21 Freebize".  Then buy the item for 0 CC.  The items will all be sorted into their proper categories in your clothing inventory, and you'll be all ready to go!  Thank you Subongo!

As an added bonus, the clothes are all editable (they can be retinted, retextured, etc.).  Get creative!

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