Saturday, November 9, 2013

Two New Stores: A City and Chez Chic

Today I dropped in to visit two new in-world stores in Cloud Party.  The first is an animations store called A City:

This will certainly be a place to go for furniture creators!  It`s great to see more selections in sits and poses.

The second store I visited is called Chez Chic.  Owner Aeon Chic has turned her hand to men`s and women`s hair and clothing, in a dark, moody store environment:

Here`s a look from the store.  The first outfit to be sold is a uniform-type pantsuit with accesory belt, and it costs 70 CC.  The first hair is a short style called Marcy, which I am wearing in black.  It comes in six different colours for 40 CC each, or a fat pack for 100 CC.  (Sneakers are standard from the Outfit tab, and are free.)

Total cost of this outfit is 110 CC, or US$5.50.

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  1. SO had to smile. You beat me to the "fashion blog"; mine is definitely just ramblings so far. Congrats! Thanks for the post!