Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Big Changes at Cloud Party!

First, they set up a blog:

And they set up a whole new way of building with blocks, which doesn't require you to learn Maya or Max in order to create mesh!  I love it!  Here's a pink crab someone made:

It's at Public Island, so hurry and come see it before it goes poof!,15.0,0.0,2.9

More details later as I learn my way around the new building-blocks tool.  In the meantime, everybody gets a NEW bare plot of land on which to build.  Here's my lot, with a house I bought for 2 CC at A. Moore Designs, and some trees which I bought as part of a set of trees, logs, etc. for only 10CC from Satguru!  Not a bad setup for only 12 CC ( equals sixty cents U.S. ), eh?

Location:  Silent Grove,,-20.3,0.0,3.0

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