Thursday, August 23, 2012

Marketplace Beta Launched Today

The beta of the Cloud Party Marketplace launched today.  Apparently it will be possible to sell items both in-world and via the Marketplace.  Right now, for testing purposes, items can only be listed for free.  Here are some screen shots to give you an idea of what to expect.

You access the Marketplace via a new bright orange icon on your Cell Phone:

Once you click on the icon, you are taken to the main page:

Note that there is already a breakdown of possible items for sale, which gives an idea of what Cloud Party Inc. thinks that people will create and sell via the Marketplace.  It looks like you will be able to sell islands via the Marketplace, for instance:

To buy an item, simply click on its listing and it will be highlighted.  Note that you can also sell a palette of items as one item, as with this selection of house plants:

A nice touch is a feature not found in Second Life, but found in Blue Mars: the ability to preview an item for sale in 3 dimensions, simply by clicking the Preview button to the right of each item listed:

To exit Preview, just click the button on the left side of the Preview screen.

This is an exciting development.  It will be interesting to see how quickly the Marketplace takes shape, especially when the redesigned male and female avatars are released (which should be soon).

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